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trying to break into the entrepreneur world?

If you’re trying to break into the entrepreneur world, you’re looking to network with like-minded individuals, or you’re looking to take your business to the next level.

Currently, entrepreneurs from all across the country meet up every morning for a daily meeting from 8 am to 9 am EST to start the day RIGHT.

If you want to be part of this inspiring community, there’s never been a better time to try it out because for a limited time only you can start a 7-day trial for just $1!

If you want to become 
part of The Morning Meetup community, you’ll get access to:

Daily Access to LIVE coaching and Training M-F @ 8:15 AM

($497 Value)

Individual Q&A Call 
on Thursday

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​Access to David's List of
Resources & Contacts

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Access to the private community Via Facebook and Discounts on Events. 

If you want to become part of The Morning Meetup community, you’ll get access to:

Daily Access to LIVE coaching and Training M-F @ 8:15 AM

($497 Value)

Individual Q&A Call 
on Thursday

($197 Value)

​Access to David's List of
Resources & Contacts

 ($97 Value)

Access to the private community Via Facebook and Discounts on Events. 
All of the above is normally valued at $791

after the $1 trial, you will then pay just $79 per month for everything!

You can cancel at any time! *(terms and conditions apply please see below)

It’s a no-brainer.

Speaking from experience, nothing changed up my game quite like being in the right environment.

It’s not often you can start the day with a Zoom call with countless other people on the same journey as you looking to motivate and support each other.

Find out for yourself how it could transform the way that you do business.

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JUST Hear From Our Current Members...

- KEON -

"The conversations, information, the connections the things that you need to operate and run a business or to get yourself to the next level, you need to join this call"


"That is how I handle life.. If I don't play the game of life, I don't win. Me being a part of the morning meet up, is my plan life. And I am winning because of it."


"The biggest thing is the community we are building internally and externally we are connecting with one another, buying from one another, supporting from one another and the list just go on, and on. So if you've been thinking about, "hmm.. should I join?" I'm gonna tell you the answer is yes!


"Since I've joined the morning meet, I've seen a dramatic increase in my sales. I took a leap of faith and launched a whole new business all because of this group. I'm constantly being challenged to step outside of my comfort zone"


"How great David Shands is and his team... I've never met a group of people that's been as determined as I have with them to help others succeed... I highly highly recommend it."

- FRED -

"I started without knowing a whole lot about myself. I started without a business... both of those have changed."


"If you are looking for an opportunity where you are amongst other entrepreneurs who are going to inspire you to move forward and scale up then I strongly suggest you take part of the morning meet up"


"Put that Morning Meet Up in your cup. Put that Inspiration, motivation, education constantly provided by David Shands."


"I am so happy that I joined this group. This is real... I've met some really nice people. I've met some really dope people. Every one is so, so, so helpful"


"Within a month how the morning calls changed my business.
Followers have already gotten up. Credits have improved. Shoutout to David Shands. I truly appreciate the morning calls. They're dope."

The Morning Meetup Bundle
Total Value: $225
   Today just $37!


Networking Know No’s

It’s with great pleasure that I bring you these universal laws that were not established by my own thoughts and ideas but are actually age-old principles that have been unwritten rules for generations. There are so many Networking Know No’s that professionals will notice and judge you for immediately. Some people you meet will automatically make up their mind about you without you even knowing why, but most of the time - the reason falls under one of the titles outlined in this book. 

From how to present yourself to what to wise up about - this is everything you need to know to be taken seriously whilst networking.

($40 Value)

Dreams Are Built Overnight

This book reveals how to create a bridge between your day job and your dream job. 

If you’re a dreamer, if you’re working around the clock to maintain your current life and your dream life, or if you know that you have so much more value to give than you’re offering at your current job - this is the book for you.

This is the roadmap for you to escape living in your daydreams and start making them a reality.

($40 Value)


DISC is an assessment tool that allows you to uncover your natural talents, what drives or motivates you, and how your brain processes information as it relates to your internal and external environment. 

“It’s the best-selling, non-judgmental personality, and behavioral assessment used by more than one million people every year to improve teamwork, communication, and productivity.”

Basically, everything that an entrepreneur should know to work as efficiently and effectively as possible!

This test can be used by companies and corporations to help them with placing team members in the right place and giving them the right tools to succeed.

To summarize you will get two of my eBooks worth $40 and the disc assessment that normally costs $145...

all for just $37!

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